Jeb Bush gets a brotherly hand from George W. in S. Carolina

Фев 22, 2016, 08:22
Jeb Bush gets a brotherly hand from George W. in S. Carolina

Edward Scott, who works in SC but lives in Frederick, Maryland, told Bush he should consider not responding to attacks from front-runner Donald Trump, while another man asked Bush whether he should be tougher, a "sumbitch" as he called it. A third, David Villinger of Summerville, said Bush should focus less on his record as Florida's governor and more on his presidential vision.

"Donald Trump spent most of his adult life prior to this election enthusiastically pro-abortion - even for partial birth abortion, if you can believe it", Cruz said.

"But if Donald Trump files the lawsuit that he threatens, that lawsuit will be frivolous", Cruz added. "You might not even have Trump having to bring any other lawsuits".

Cruz and super PACs opposing Trump's candidacy have blanketed the SC airwaves knocking the NY billionaire, using Trump's past support for abortion, some gun control measures and his praise of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to question Trump's conservative credo.

The ad then switches to an interview Trump had with the late Tim Russert back in 1999 when he described himself as "very pro-choice" and "pro-choice in every respect".

Bush came to the aid of his brother Jeb Bush's Republican presidential campaign in SC on Monday with a rousing endorsement of his character and a call for voters to reject the angry bluster of Donald Trump.

The NBC poll also shows both Cruz and Rubio easily trouncing Trump if it were a two-man race.

Rubio, who appears to be in a fight for a second place finish in SC, told the crowd that from fighting the Affordable Care Act to bringing the national debt under control, he is the candidate with the best record of success.

The Texas senator called a press conference to call out a few of his fellow GOP presidential candidates for their tricks. I know what it is to be commander-in-chief.

Cruz made clear he wants Trump to follow through so he can formally argue why Trump's views on abortion are out of step with conservatives. "Time will tell, Teddy".

Bush defended his approach, saying "This is what I do".

Trump has been the favorite among evangelicals in SC, which holds a Republican presidential primary Saturday. Yet, Cruz's rivals say he's the one who's untruthful.

Cruz, Rubio and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson were to appear at a CNN town hall in Greenville, South Carolina, on Wednesday evening, with Trump on MSNBC about the same time. "I think the lawsuit would be frivolous, and he's not going to prevail", Cruz said. NBC News reported that Cruz is leading in its national poll, with 28 percent, beating Trump's 26 percent. "Mr. Trump last week said that Planned Parenthood does do wonderful things, but supporting Planned Parenthood is incompatible with holding the pro-life position Mr. Trump is now claiming". Trump has repeatedly questioned Cruz's eligibility to run for the presidency and has repeatedly accused the Texas senator's campaign of engaging in dirty politics.

Rubio supported a comprehensive immigration bill that included a path to citizenship, but denies Cruz's characterization of it as "amnesty".

Virtually all of the 2016 candidates have been caught stretching the truth over the course of the campaign, including Trump and Rubio.