After Iowa and NH, Dems Turn Focus to Minority Voters

Фев 24, 2016, 07:59

After a sweeping loss in the New Hampshire primary, Clinton worked to generate more momentum in the Midwest, specifically to African American voters who are more supportive of her campaign. "The Vermont Senator is also calling for progressive change regarding our drug laws, including ending cannabis prohibition, and reforming our criminal justice system, tackling institutional racism head-on in the process".

Bernie Sanders (left) and Hillary Clinton shake hands at the end of a presidential debate sponsored by CNN and Facebook at Wynn Las Vegas on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Others said they thought Clinton was more likely to succeed in the White House.

Hillary Clinton's campaign to secure the Democratic nomination received a huge boost on Friday.

"[My policy] aims to keep families together", Sanders quipped, echoing Obama's frequent rhetoric on immigration and his delayed executive actions to offer eligible undocumented immigrants legal temporary protection-sweeping policies that both candidates have said they supported, but would go "even further".

In the sharpest exchange of the night, Clinton attacked Sanders for being too critical of Obama, who is extremely popular with the black voters who will play a big role in the outcome in SC and other upcoming nominating contests. Sanders condemned Clinton's use of a super PAC and sponsorship of free trade agreements. "I don't think he gets the credit he deserves".

"I am not here to talk about my involvement in the American civil rights movements", Lewis said, noting that he is here to introduce "my beloved sister who I have known for so many years".

Clinton took an aggressive stance on health care from the outset, arguing that Sanders' plan to create a universal health care system by expanding Medicare would undermine Obama's Affordable Care Act.

"When we put these issues out there to voters, Hillary Clinton has to deal with them", said American Crossroads spokesman Ian Prior.

"Voters don't like being viewed as simpletons who will support someone just because that candidate is the same gender or race", warned the University of Virginia's Skelley.

Clinton said in the MSNBC forum that she was "very flattered" when Kissinger "said I ran the State Department better - better than anybody had run it in a long time".

To accomplish his plan, Sanders suggests that his election will be the start of a political tsunami - a revolution of people standing up to challenge the status quo.

Sanders, addressing about 4,000 activists at the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party's annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner in St. Paul, the nation should be "proud of the accomplishments of the Obama and Biden administration".

Come on, said Sanders. "It has to be dealt with...."

Let's not in any way imply here that either President Obama or myself would in any way not take on any vested interest, whether it's Wall Street or drug companies or insurance companies or, frankly, the gun lobby to stand up to do what's best for the American people. "That is beyond unspeakable".

The inspector general is also looking into the questionable employment status of her close aide, Huma Abedin. No one can see into the future or know for sure but our norms about how parties work have changed so much since the late 1960s that I think to have party officials overturn or push-back against what the electorate decided, that's just not going to fly.

But Clinton was frequently on the offensive as well, seizing an opportunity to talk about leaders she admired and turning it against Sanders by bashing his past criticism of President Obama - a remark that Sanders called a "low blow".

The rivals continued to debate about race relations, the economy, and an unexpected quarrel about former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's support of Clinton.