Colorado woman guilty of cutting baby from stranger's womb

Фев 24, 2016, 04:54

Soon after a jury convicted Dynel Catrece Lane of attempted murder for attacking Michelle Wilkins and cutting her unborn baby out of her womb, Wilkins issued a statement of forgiveness toward her attacker.

After the verdict was read, Ms. Wilkins, 27, said she had forgiven Lane, adding, "I do not hate Dynel, but I am angry for all of the pain she has caused, the deceit, and for her selfishness".

A Colorado woman could face more than 100 years in prison after a jury convicted her Tuesday for stabbing a pregnant woman and removing her fetus.

Defense attorneys had argued the attack was made impulsively and that it wasn't planned, and that she should be held accountable for reckless manslaughter and not attempted murder.

The case against Dynel Lane, 36, who lured Michelle Wilkins to her home with a Craigslist ad for maternity clothes, attracted global attention and reignited a national debate over the legal rights of fetuses.

Prosecutors argued that Lane was obsessed by pregnancy and had crafted a freakish lie about being pregnant, which she promoted on social media.

Lane will be sentenced on 29 April.

That is when Wilkins said that Lane hit her over the head and attacked her, while she told the woman; "I love you".

The defense rested without calling any witnesses. "Words are not sufficient to describe it, though I may try". She thanked her supporters and said it's confusing that life can be both cruel and attractive. "Your continued support allows me not only to survive this but also to thrive in the midst of a dark and trying time", she continued.

At a hospital, Lane said the baby was hers, and said she had just given birth, but refused to let medical staff examine her, police said.

Wilkins recovered and testified on February 17.

Confused, she asked Lane whether she had a spider or a bug on her shoulder.

Wilkins said she plans to be at the sentencing and will speak.

"I just felt the blood seeping through my trousers and I could feel my intestines outside of my body", she told the hushed courtroom. The dispatcher kept Wilkins on the phone for about six minutes, asking her to press a towel or anything else nearby on the wound until officers arrived at the scene "Don't go to sleep", the dispatcher repeatedly said.

In tearful testimony, Wilkins recounted the attack last week.

She had even had a baby shower in November 2014 and told people she wanted to name the baby James. Prosecutors say they were not able to charge her with murder in the death of the unborn girl because a coroner found no evidence the fetus lived outside the womb.

Though she was bleeding and stunned in a stranger's basement, Wilkins, who was 26 at the time, managed to lock herself in a room and call 911, and she did what she could to stem the bleeding. She says Colorado has been a place of healing where she's found solace on hikes and through her love of pottery. Colorado state law does not recognize a fetus as a person unless it is capable of surviving for a period of time outside the womb, a prosecutor said before the trial.